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UMA Products

  • * Available in royal black color with a round body * Half-round rotating shuttle * Streight stitch, flatbed * Used for leather, canvas., rexins, tarpaulin, etc.
  • * Single thread single needle chain stich * Also available in double needle double thread chain stich model. * Inbuilt oil pump for smooth operation * […]
  • * Available in royal black and dark green colours * Three thread single niddle interlock * High quality spares for long life * Used in tailoring […]
  • *Full shuttle hook * Reverse and forward feed with stich length regulator. * Gear set facility for maximum RPM with low noise * Heavy square body […]
  • * Square shaped body with royal black color * Heavy duty full shuttle system * Used for pico, zig-zag, embroidery, etc. * Brass dial system in […]
  • * Round arm casting body with royal black and other metallic colors.* Full shuttle hook * Reverse and forward feed with stitch length regulator* Used in […]